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Post Production Station

Deeper Into The Cut...

Creative filmmaker

I have a keen eye for detail and put everything into the work that I produce. For me it’s not just a job, it’s my passion and I strive for my work to stand out, using the latest  technology that enables me to create Cinematic-Level footage. Motivated and committed to my craft, I’m capable of transforming footage into a creative production that leaves an impact on the audience. 


My common sense and wide-ranging practical skills ensure that as a CAA Licensed A2 CofC & GVC Commercial Drone Pilot,Tv/Film Editor, Camera Operator in London I can manage surprising and challenging environments. Experienced in managing any video production or filming on my initiative, I am also comfortable being directed and working as part of a crew. As a result, I am always able to offer various creative options for any film or video production environment.

 I’ve learned the importance of paying attention to the story that each project is trying to tell, a valuable lesson that has led me to find quality work in diverse projects and gain experience working alongside incredible collaborators. 

 Contact me if you have a project in mind and you’d like to collaborate.

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